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LTL Barra Lateral Ponzano


**Temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)**

In a privileged location at number 1 Ponzano Street, one of the best-known areas within the Madrid tapas route, LTL Barra Lateral Ponzano becomes the first place chosen for the proposal of Lateral Group.

LTL BARRA LATERAL arises from the need to satisfy an urban consumer, young and modern but at the same time demanding, who wants a top-quality gastronomic offer adapted to the new times. A return to the origins and tradition of the tapas bar, in which the bar is the authentic protagonist, merging it with a cutting-edge proposal menu. In addition, LTL Barra Lateral gives way to a more relaxed restaurant format, offering a service with shorter waiting times, but with exceptional personalized attention that makes the diner feel an essential part of the premises.

The new restaurant designed by interior designers Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martín surprises with a fun and fresh interior design project, where the combination of materials used to give strength and character to this ubication.

The traditional bar, as the main centre of the new interior space, provides a certain freedom to the client offering a more dynamic and versatile service. The exterior space, with a large terrace (unique in the popular Madrid area of Ponzano), provides a combination of high and low tables, offering the same proposal outside and inside.

All these elements make it easier for the consumer to enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience. A comprehensive proposal that includes ART IN THE BAR through unique activities ranging from gastronomy to different expressions of urban art such as graffiti, music performances, etc.

Despite being a gastronomic concept with some new formats and proposals, LTL Barra Lateral maintains the identity of the group, focusing once again on the quality of all its proposals, combining traditional recipes with some more innovative, always high-quality raw materials and through the daily preparation of each of its dishes.

In this way, LTL Barra Lateral presents a complete menu of tapas and larger tapas portions combined with a wide range of cocktails.

A permanently open kitchen is presented as the best option for all moments of the day, whether individually, in pairs or with a group of friends:  from an aperitif with vermouth that extends to lunchtime afterwork or a dinner followed by a cocktail to enjoy any day of the week.

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Directions to LATERAL BarraLateral Ponzano

  • Name: LATERAL BarraLateral Ponzano

  • Address: Calle de Ponzano, 1

  • Phone number: 914 473 357

  • City: Madrid

  • Hours: D-X 12:00 - 24:00 | J, V y S 12:00 - 02:00