About us


Lateral began its activity in the gastronomic field in Madrid with the opening of its first restaurant, Castellana 132, in 1997. From that moment on, LATERAL consolidated its presence in the sector with its innovative restaurant model, which combines a varied menu of individual pinchos with portions where traditional and international dishes coexist, designed to be shared in a leisure and experiential environment, with premium locations and highly cared for and differential decorations. Currently, Lateral has 14 locations, 10 of them in Madrid, the rest in cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and Malaga.

We are committed to a traditional model of pinchos and portions to share, transforming it into a more contemporary and innovative proposal. We have spacious and bright premises and terraces, cared for in detail, in order to achieve a cozy and contemporary atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy.