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It doesn't matter if it's a birthday, a gathering of friends, a company celebration... At LATERAL we have a wide variety of Menus and Finger Food designed for you to have a unique experience tailored to your taste.

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Arturo Soria (Madrid)
Milaneses (Madrid)
Galileo (Madrid)
Caleido (Madrid)
Castellana 42 (Madrid)
Castellana 89 (Madrid)
Fleming (Madrid)
Consell de Cent (Bcn)
Fuencarral (Madrid)
Strachan (Málaga)
Velázquez (Madrid)
Patriarca (Valencia)
Santa Ana (Madrid)
Ponzano (Madrid)
César Augusto (Zaragoza)
Pozuelo (Pozuelo)
Cantizal (Las Rozas)
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