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Arturo Soria

LATERAL Arturo Soria

The restaurant located in the Arturo Soria Plaza shopping center was the fourth LATERAL to open in Madrid in 2006. It is the first LTL location to feature a large space both indoors and on the patio, thereby setting itself apart from the previous locations, which are characterized by being somewhat smaller spaces.

The restaurant, redesigned by interior designer Íñigo Güell, has become one of the most original restaurants in Madrid due to its three very distinctly different areas:

The interior, spacious and cozy, a glass-enclosed patio that is climate-controlled year-round and a unique open area that extends its hours until 3:00 AM on summer nights.

Soria 1
Soria 2
Soria 3
Soria 4
Soria 5
Soria 6

Directions to LATERAL Arturo Soria

  • Name: LATERAL Arturo Soria

  • Address: C/ Arturo Soria 126-128 C.C. Arturo Soria -28043

  • Phone number: 91 300 36 01

  • City: Madrid

  • Hours: | Sun-Wed 12:00 PM - 1:00 AM | Thu, Fri and Sat 12:00 PM - 2:00 AM